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Femme Fatale Media models constantly take part in the most popular trade shows, various presentations and product launches. Discover the latest events we participated in on this page!

News from the Femmepire: Some Astonishing Beauty Advice, Bikini Models Enjoy the LA Sun, and NYX Cosmetics Throws Launch Events

It’s time again for “News from the Femmepire,” where we take a quick look at the exciting happenings from the past couple of weeks. In short order, our models have been very busy these days, whether it’s showing up at launch events for NYX Cosmetics Canada or getting interviewed by Maxim. So, with that preamble [...]

NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto + Our Models = One Slam Dunk Success

Drake. Air Canada Centre. Toronto. No, we are not compiling a list for your destination birthday in Canada. Instead, we would like to introduce you to the NBA All-Star weekend that happened right here in Toronto recently with themed festivities and special events that took place throughout Canada. So, yeah. Here's what went down – and what Femme Fatale Media [...]

Get Ready to Cheer – Toronto Says Femme Fatale Media Has the Best Promotional Models…Again!

Best Promotional Models? We're blushing! Toronto is a bustling city, alive with frosty breezes and splendid towers that pierce the sky. Here, in this busy metropolis, a young woman named Emily Lyons forged a quickly-growing empire: the "Femmepire," as it is becoming increasingly known. And what is this empire she created? It's none other than [...]

Our Models and Events Team Celebrate Our Recent Win At The Top Choice Awards Gala!

Yeah, We Did It. And We'd Do It Again. Because of Amazing Clients and Stuff. Thank YOU!  Every year, throngs of high-profile individuals from Toronto attend the much admired Top Choice Awards Gala. And every year, for the past 3 years, Femme Fatale Media has received this award – hailing, as it does, exemplary service [...]

Luxury Car Events Should Always Look Like This

Our Car Show Models Are Luxury Event Game Changers   Two years ago, 24,514 of these were sold. In Canada. What are they? They're Audis! Anyway, here's a fun fact: luxury vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. And, as a corollary to this, the sales of Audis has absolutely exploded in the Canadian automobile [...]

New Drake and Majid Jordan Music Video Staffed by Femme Fatale Media

“We Made You the Perfect Music Video” – New Drake and Majid Jordan Music Video Staffed by Femme Fatale Media Group On the first of September, a new – and sensual – music video made its appearance. The leading stars? Drake and Majid Jordan. The name of the song? “My Love.” Now, Drake is the [...]

5 Ideas to Profit from Promotional Models – For Toronto Businesses

5 Ideas to Profit from Promotional Models – For Toronto Businesses Here's something that many Toronto business owners and managers don't know: promotional models (and other kinds of models, such as brand ambassadors) can actually be used to drive greater profit for the business. You see, Toronto promotional models shouldn't only be used as ways [...]

Look What They Did with These Cosmetics – Femme Fatale Media Staffs Major Canadian Launch Events for MAC Cosmetics

You have almost certainly seen it – in TV commercials, product boxes, and elsewhere. Cosmetic companies have a particular proclivity for using a “face behind the product.” Whether it's Rihanna or Miley Cyrus or Beyonce, companies like MAC often uses celebrities as the face for the “next new product.” But guess what? Just this past [...]

Here Are Nike’s Models of Choice When Throwing a Spotlight on the Pan American Games

 The Pan American games seldom fail to thrill basketball fans (and those of other sports) across the Americas. Hosted every four years, this year – in 2015 – the games have been hosted by Canada. As tribute to the great interest in the games – and to put an even bigger spotlight on this sports [...]

How to Succeed at a Trade Show in Toronto – Or Why You Should Hire Promotional Models to Increase Profit and Brand Name Recognition

So there you are. You’re all excited for this upcoming tradeshow because it’ll give you the chance to make onlookers (as well as your rivals) go “Wow!” They’ll be impressed by your superlative product, and your brand will garner much recognition. You’ll also generate leads. Other companies are there at the trade fair, and they’ll [...]