One of a Kind Events with Special Talent

Special Talent is a Sure Way to Grab the Attention and Interest of Your Event Audience

Go-go dancers? Dance troupe? Showgirls? Body paint? We have them all and much more in our award-winning roster. They are right for so many occasions, and our roster has a degree of versatility and talent not equaled by any other event staffing agency that we know. Created in response to a need for reliable, competent special performers that would cater to the special event requests from large corporations, charities, small businesses, and individuals – our teams of unique talent are widely acclaimed for the distinction and uniqueness they impart to events of all kinds.  

 Toronto Showgirls

Award-Winning Turnkey Luxury Staffing and Special Talent

Femme Fatale Media is continually innovating and invests heavily in finding the most skillful, versatile, and attractive special performers. Because Femme Fatale Media has an impressive track-record for making (and keeping) clients happy, you can be certain that our roster of special entertainers, performers, and staff will be more than capable of meeting whatever event requests you have. With over 3,000 individuals in our award-winning roster, your event will benefit from the exact kind of talent that will most powerfully resonate with your audience. 


Why Hire Special Talent and Entertainers?

Why should you hire special talent and entertainers for your event? There are several compelling reasons why. Here are two.

  • Event audiences and guests are held riveted by the performances of our go-go dancers and showgirls. As a result, your event-goers will stay longer at your event – allowing more time for your brand message to be indelibly traced on their minds. They’ll also have a more positive, exciting experience at your event. 


  • Femme Fatale Media’s special talent are an exceptional way to evoke an aura of refinement and finesse to any event. For instance, Femme showgirls make for elegant walk-around – perfect for impressing attendees.

For these reasons – and because of Femme Fatale Media’s sterling reputation as a trusted leader in event staffing – companies of all shapes and sizes request our special talent for their private parties, tradeshows, corporate functions, charity galas, and more. Simply contact us today for any inquiries you have and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!