5 Questions to Ask a Toronto Event Staffing Agency Before Booking


It can be just a bit difficult to find reliable, high-quality event staffing in Toronto. But don’t underestimate the importance of a good event staffing agency: it will relieve you tremendously when it comes to planning and launching your event. Knowing that reliable staff will be at your event gives you the confidence that your event will go exactly as planned.

Thus, if you’ve been thinking about booking with a Toronto event staffing agency, first ask these 5 questions to make sure it’s a good fit.


Do you have on-call backup staff for every event?

If an agency lack on-call backup staff for your event, then be forewarned: if something unexpected occurs, you might not have enough staff for the event, leading to disgruntled and disappointed attendees.


 How large and diverse is your staff database?

The larger and more diverse the staff in the agency’s rolodex, the greater the chance there is that the staff you get will match your event’s precise needs.


How do I know your event staffing agency will deliver quality service?

If a candidate event staffing agency lacks testimonials from respectable companies, this is a warning sign that the agency isn’t right for you.


Do you offer liability insurance for your clients?

If the agency doesn’t offer liability insurance for its clients, then you’ll have to put in the extra legwork to get this insurance yourself, which means a drain on your time and resources.


Do you help out with other areas of event management, planning, and staffing?

Some agencies are very rigid in the kinds of services they offer; however, if you’re looking to get the maximum return on your investment (both in terms of dollar amount and time), then find a Toronto event staffing agency that is willing to help you out with overall management and planning. In this way, you won’t have to go to multiple agencies for your various needs.


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