As Seen On! A Look at Femme Fatale’s Presence in the Media

CEO Emily Lyons founded Femme Fatale Media to bring her sharp eye for the perfect combination of “beauty and brains” – and her passion for excellent service – to a national scale. The Toronto-based event staffing agency has worked with big name brands like Guess, Playboy, Audi, Warner Bros., and more. Femme Fatale Media has also been featured in multiple newspapers, magazines, websites, and other publications and media.

Here are a few highlights from the media mentions we’ve received over the years.


    • CEO Emily Lyons was featured on the top cover of Top Choice Magazine for Fall 2015. “I love creating things and watching them come to life. My favourite parts are when I create new products, concepts or services,” says Emily in the interview.
    • “Femme Fatale is now Canada’s leading staffing agency for all things promotions and corporate events,” notes Forbes.
    • Maxim Magazine featured CEO Emily Lyons in “What a Beautiful Girl Wants.” The piece begins at a fast pace with this introduction: “Beautiful blonde Emily Lyons is not one to rest on her laurels. After climbing the ranks of the Toronto modeling scene, she decided to use her rolodex of connections for bigger things. In 2009, she founded Femme Fatale Media, an award-winning model-staffing agency. She’s hooked up lavish soirées for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, Ducati, and Juicy Couture.”
    • Femme Fatale Media, and CEO Emily Lyons, have also appeared on Dr. Oz, The Globe and Mail, the OWN Network, the National Post, and other media. Emily Lyons has proven to be a forward-thinking thought leader, with pieces in the Huffington Post and other high-profile websites.


The aim of Femme Fatale Media has always been to set the highest standard in service and quality of work in the event staffing scene. This unparalleled commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous laudatory comments appearing in a variety of media, as well as client testimonials.

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