3 Ways Experiential Marketing is a Powerful Branding Approach

  Experiential marketing is fairly well-known among high-level marketing circles, and so is the tactical effectiveness of it. However, beyond the marketing value of these live brand experiences, experiential marketing is also a remarkable force in building brands and creating specific perceptions of brand. This, then, extends past the short-term ROI that is boosted by tactically [...]

The Case for Bigger Experiential Marketing Budgets – The Importance of Long-Term Post-Campaign Research

  Many otherwise marketing-savvy companies overlook the enormous power of experiential marketing. This is largely because experiential marketing is only a few decades old; meanwhile, radio and television have been around for longer, and print advertising is a centuries-old institution. As a result, experiential marketing budgets at some companies exist only on a shoestring level. [...]

Experiential Marketing: A Better Way to Drive Brand Equity

  Does a comprehensive experiential marketing strategy positively impact brand equity? It’s an incredibly worthwhile question to investigate, as brand equity – the value a brand derives merely from the recognition and characteristics linked to its name – is a major player in determining why some brands surge forward while others are stunted and unable [...]