Experiential Marketing

The Case for Bigger Experiential Marketing Budgets – The Importance of Long-Term Post-Campaign Research

  Many otherwise marketing-savvy companies overlook the enormous power of experiential marketing. This is largely because experiential marketing is only a few decades old; meanwhile, radio and television have been around for longer, and print advertising is a centuries-old institution. As a result, experiential marketing budgets at some companies exist only on a shoestring level. [...]

Experiential Marketing: A Better Way to Drive Brand Equity

  Does a comprehensive experiential marketing strategy positively impact brand equity? It’s an incredibly worthwhile question to investigate, as brand equity – the value a brand derives merely from the recognition and characteristics linked to its name – is a major player in determining why some brands surge forward while others are stunted and unable [...]

Experiential Marketing the Femme Fatale Way: A Look at Pusateri’s New Store Activation Campaign

Pusateri’s is every Canadian Feinschmecker’s dream. Just take a digital stroll through their Instagram, and let your eyes feast on their French Mimolette Cheese. Fresh Foie gras. And arguably some of the most gluttonous, decadent pastries ever conceived. Because of the upscale foodstuffs you’ll find at Pusateri’s, this brand has become well-known to Torontonians as [...]