Promotional Models

The Benefits of Adding Promotional Staff to Your Next Networking Event

It’s not enough to attend, sponsor, or exhibit at a networking event. Whether the plan is to participate in a local chamber of commerce event or be a part of a conference that gathers people from all across the nation, it helps to contact a modelling agency and arrange for the right type of promotional staff to be along. Here are some of the ways that those professionals can help you make the event a greater success.

How Promo Models in Canada Help Your Marketing Efforts

How Promo Models in Canada Help Your Marketing Efforts “Beauty and brains.” That’s a clarion call that resonates strongly with all who are part of the Femme Fatale Media team. The reason why is simple: there is more to successful promotional modeling than beauty. And by “successful,” we mean promotional models that are able to [...]

Luxury Car Events Should Always Look Like This

Our Car Show Models Are Luxury Event Game Changers   Two years ago, 24,514 of these were sold. In Canada. What are they? They're Audis! Anyway, here's a fun fact: luxury vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. And, as a corollary to this, the sales of Audis has absolutely exploded in the Canadian automobile [...]

3 Tips to Make Your Holiday Party a Hit!

Quietly but quickly – like snowflakes softly thumping against a frosty window – the winter holidays are approaching, bringing with them those feelings of joviality, great fun, and partying. And there you are, planning out your own winter holiday party… “Hmm,” you ponder to yourself, as you write out your plans. “Hmm, how can I [...]