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Femme Fatale Media models constantly take part in the most popular trade shows, various presentations and product launches. Discover the latest events we participated in on this page!

Luxury Car Events Should Always Look Like This

Our Car Show Models Are Luxury Event Game Changers   Two years ago, 24,514 of these were sold. In Canada. What are they? They're Audis! Anyway, here's a fun fact: luxury vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. And, as a corollary to this, the sales of Audis has absolutely exploded in the Canadian automobile [...]

How to Succeed at a Trade Show in Toronto – Or Why You Should Hire Promotional Models to Increase Profit and Brand Name Recognition

So there you are. You’re all excited for this upcoming tradeshow because it’ll give you the chance to make onlookers (as well as your rivals) go “Wow!” They’ll be impressed by your superlative product, and your brand will garner much recognition. You’ll also generate leads. Other companies are there at the trade fair, and they’ll [...]