Diversity In Staffing

Diversity. Let's talk about it. Hiring diverse talent provides so much more than just the tangible benefits of meeting legal obligations or good will within a company,

At Femme Fatale, we have always ensured that all faces were represented however, the problem was that companies wanted a "type." You know the type: white, petite, and young. We're standing firm on our long-help belief that diversity IS beauty. Femme Fatale proudly employs a roster of diverse faces and bodies, and we are always striving to include more.

Part changing inclusivity as some sort of humanitarian trend into a realization that beauty comes in a mesmerizing array of shapes, sizes and colours, means making inclusivity the standard for beauty. When you are actively doing that, you are changing the cultural narrative that so badly needs to be changed. We recognize your desire to be part of a positive cultural change and we are here for you.

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It's critical that all employers recognize that diversity has become a basis on a company is perceived. Check out our roster and let's be game-changers. Call us at 647 955-9733 or send us an email to info@femmefatalemedia.com.