Femme Fatale Media is Canada’s premiere full service agency. We offer a comprehensive proposal planning service for the modern gentleman to make your proposal story last a lifetime.

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Proposal planning can be a hard and stressful business, so our marriage proposal planners will craft specially customized plans unique to your relationship, to ensure that the moment your soulmate says ‘yes’ is perfect, and will be something you both will remember forever. We work with you from start to finish, and will not only look to create an amazing engagement, but will take care of every last detail of planning and execution, meaning a stress-free experience for you.

Starting from the very beginning, our engagement planning team will work with you to conceptualize, plan, execute and perfect your special moment, and create an extraordinary romantic experience. We work with the top wedding vendors and specialists across North America, meaning that we can offer exclusive access to stunning venues and top photographers to bring your vision to life. We're you one-stop shop for marriage proposals.

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