Effective Event Planning in Toronto Starts with Knowing Your Event’s Objective – Here are 4 Possible Objectives

Is your company aiming to host the raddest event of the year in Toronto? If so, then before you reach out to an event planning agency to discuss details, there’s something you need to be absolutely clear on: the objective of the event. Broken down to the basics, any event’s objective simply answers this question: [...]

Marijuana Marketing Trends for 2017 – From Creative Social Media Strategies to Brand Positioning

  With the Western world inching ever closer to practically complete legalization of cannabis, many marijuana-based companies are shoring up their marketing activities in an effort to stand out as the consumer demand for cannabis (and associated products) soars. As such, we thought it’d be helpful to identify some of the current trends in marijuana [...]

Curated Collection: Some of the Best Advice for the Toronto Entrepreneur, from 4 Women of Influence

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Why Toronto Brand Ambassadors Must Be a Good Fit for Your Event Guest Demographic

In practically any special event or experiential marketing campaign in Toronto, brand ambassadors play a pivotal role in interacting with attendees and creating a positive, emotional experience. However, if the wrong brand ambassadors are recruited, the success of the entire campaign is in jeopardy. This, then, cannot be overemphasized: that it is of supreme importance [...]