How Can I Boost My Brand With Experiential Marketing?

Also known as engagement marketing, experiential marketing is an approach that seeks to forge a closer connection between your business and consumers who could use what you have to offer. Direct engagement with potential clients is one of the reasons why you choose to participate in public events like trade shows, press announcements, and workshops. [...]

3 Ways Experiential Marketing is a Powerful Branding Approach

  Experiential marketing is fairly well-known among high-level marketing circles, and so is the tactical effectiveness of it. However, beyond the marketing value of these live brand experiences, experiential marketing is also a remarkable force in building brands and creating specific perceptions of brand. This, then, extends past the short-term ROI that is boosted by tactically [...]

The Case for Bigger Experiential Marketing Budgets – The Importance of Long-Term Post-Campaign Research

  Many otherwise marketing-savvy companies overlook the enormous power of experiential marketing. This is largely because experiential marketing is only a few decades old; meanwhile, radio and television have been around for longer, and print advertising is a centuries-old institution. As a result, experiential marketing budgets at some companies exist only on a shoestring level. [...]

Femme Fatale Media’s Fashion Models Staff An Event That Launched Something New for Canada’s Smartphone-Obsessed

  Cool new smartphone is an understatement. This is a phone that’s got a 12-megapixel RGB sensor. A rear dual camera design that’s packed with two of the most sophisticated, advanced cameras to ever grace the smartphone market. 4GB of RAM. Easy navigation with fingers-on-screen gestures. In other words: it’s the Huawei P10 and P10 [...]

How Experiential Marketing Can Be Measured – And Measured Effectively

  Experiential marketing isn’t your average branding approach. So naturally – like pretty much anything that stretches boundaries and carves out new frontiers – there are some misunderstandings about experiential marketing that even some C-suite marketers have. There is, for example, this notion that experiential marketing – its effects, that is – cannot really be [...]