To be sure, the very best corporate events are enhanced by corporate event staffing in the form of lovely ladies and gentlemen who know how to make your corporate product launch, a trade show, or charity fundraiser an astonishing success. Such events have a greater spotlight thrown on them – and are seen to be more exciting and attention-worthy – when well-trained staff are there to interact with the attendees. Corporate event staffing, simply put, makes your event far more memorable than it would have otherwise been.

Being in the corporate industry, we know how important professionalism is. We pride ourselves on always providing our corporate clients with the best skilled, polished and proficient event staff. We ensure our staff arrived prepared, making your job less stressful and the event a breeze. We utilize our long experience in the industry to ensure your event gets the maximum ROI possible. With every booking we incorporate our large social media following of over 200,000 followers to increase consumer engagement before, during and after your event.

Whether you are looking for hospitality staff, hostesses or professional event staff, our agency can cater to your exact needs. Providing specialized costumes or marketing when required. If you are looking for a long term employee for your company we also provide those under our employment division which provides professional, educated models for full time, professional positions.
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When you consider that Femme Fatale Media Group has garnered quite a reputation for absolute excellence in staffing services – our years of experience in event staffing always working in your favor – you can feel confident that, yes, indeed, your event will be quite a hit. And that, of course, will be good – very good – for your company as a whole.

Given Femme Fatale Media Group’s impeccable reputation, is it any wonder that some of the world’s largest brands – such as National Bank of Canada, Honda, TIFF, The Food Network, Anheuser–Busch InBev – have all elected to trust us with their corporate events?

If you wish to learn more about how our corporate event staffing team can help you out – making your event an all-around success – simply call us now at 647.955.9733.