Promotional models you will find to be particularly valuable when you wish to build a wave of excitement and enthusiasm for your brand or product. These lovely ladies are well-educated, professional, attractive and zealous about what they do. All, of course, admirable traits that will be on full display for your product launch, tradeshow, fashion show, charity function, or some other sumptuous, high-end event.
We assure you – your attendees will be pleased.


And thrilled.

These emotions, when fully and effortlessly brought out, can draw in greater and more profitable interest in your brand.

Femme Fatale Media has won a reputation for all-around superiority when it comes to event staffing. It is known as Canada’s No. 1 event staffing agency, having provided an all-star, in-class cast of promotional models for big-name brands like Red Bull, Napoleon, and Pandora. Recently, Femme Fatale Media with its head office based in Toronto, Ontario, has expanded its operations to the United States, now having offices in New York City and Miami.

Our promotional models have consistently brought in greater returns for brands seeking to capture the imagination of the public. They are here for you – and investing in promotional models is exactly that: an investment that turns into profit.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you – or if you are interested in turning your event into one that will leave your attendees star-struck – call us now at 647-456-2644. Or email us at

Why Choose Us

Femme Fatale Media has an extensive, diverse database of over 10,000 promotional models and special talent.
We have over 75,000 followers on Instagram (and growing). We have a total social media following of 200,000+ individuals, up to 100x as many as competing event staffing agencies. By blasting promotional messages on your behalf to this social media following, your event will get enormous social exposure and drive engagement.
Femme Fatale Media carries a five million dollar liability insurance policy that protects every client we work with. Included in our agency fee, upon request, we can add you organization to our policy as an “additional insured” for the length of your campaigns.