Toronto Brand ambassadors – properly trained and well-steeped in the nuances of your market – can add a very nice bump to your overall profit and visibility. They’re for the brand that wishes to light a fire in the imagination of the public. Brand ambassadors, you see, can hold captive the gaze of the public, so all eyes are on your brand – whether you are at a trade show or if your company is hosting an action-packed gala.

Brand ambassadors add an intangible aura to your brand – it gives it renewed life and allows you to paint your brand’s image with the strokes of your choosing. Do you want to project a sexy brand to the world? Then, of course, alluring brand ambassadors – decked out, perhaps, in young, lively, dazzling attire – will be quite appropriate. Or, if you would prefer to build the image of a professional company, you will find that well-trained, enthusiastic brand ambassadors can help you out.

Click here and view this recent article our CEO Emily Lyons wrote for The Huffington Post on “The Importance Of Brand Ambassadors In A Digital Age.”


Yes, it is. This is an unfortunate reality. But, here at Femme Fatale Media Group, we have chosen to rewrite that reality. Here, at Femme Fatale Media Group, finding the right brand ambassadors – those individuals full of life who will contribute to your company’s growth – is simply a matter of scanning our roster and finding the perfect fit.

To begin, simply contact us now. Call us at 647-456-2644 or send us an email to We think you will be very pleased, too, to learn that we have built an impressive list of star-studded clients, from La Senza to Rockstar Energy to Scotia Bank. Contact us today to start powering your brand’s image forward.

Why Choose Us

Femme Fatale Media has an extensive, diverse database of over 10,000 brand ambassadors and special talent.
You always have the option to pick particular models of your choosing from our award-winning roster.
Femme Fatale Media carries a five million dollar liability insurance policy that protects every client we work with.
We provide an on-site model manager for each event, ensuring that everything is executed according to plan.
Your event will get tremendous exposure through our highly popular social media channels.

We invite you to let us handle your hospitality requirements – making your event the talk of the year.

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