Experiential marketing had a dramatic example that transpired in 2013 when a giant, bus-sized faux dragon skull was found on a British beach. The purpose of this experiential marketing campaign? To promote the launch of season 3 of HBO’s popular Game of Thrones TV show.

However, one only need to look around to see experiential marketing in Toronto. Of course, it’s not alway as sensational as the dragon skull PR stunt, but it is nonetheless effective in building a positive brand image, creating customer loyalty, and attracting new fans.

If you’re thinking about launching an experiential marketing campaign in Toronto, take a look at these 5 real-life examples for inspiration.

Street Team Fun

Street teams are a great way for the public to experience your brand, company or — in this case — an upcoming indie film. The promotional models and brand ambassadors in your street team can attract interest by the clothes they wear — as well as by handing out packages or samples and overall interacting with the public.

1. What the flock?!

In this example of Toronto experience marketing, Serta (the mattress company) invites customers in with a big, friendly sheep mascot paired with a lovely brand ambassador. What better way to leave a lasting brand impression on the minds of store visitors?

2. Body Painting for Bacardi

Bacardi just so happens to be one of the largest spirits companies in the world. Here you see demonstrated, in beautiful fashion, how an experience can be conveyed through the medium of a promotional model herself. Through body painting, the Bacardi logo is emblazoned on this beautiful model’s body, so you can be sure that no one soon forgot this event experience.

3. Model Sumos

By dressing promotional models in sumo wrestling costumes, this company is immediately telling potential fans that it’s all about fun, excitement, and not taking things too seriously.

4. Vaseline at Winterlude

Okay, this didn’t technically take place in Toronto. Instead, it happened at the Winterlude festival in Ottawa. But it’s still a neat example of experiential marketing, where the interior of this Vaselinetent very nicely matches the wintery feel of the festival. From the background image on the tent (of a snowfall over a city), to the booth that looks like a giant cube of ice, everything here is about creating a subtle but memorable experience.

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