Let’s face it: guests love when there’s delicious food or tasty appetizers at an event. It certainly makes an event more enjoyable and memorable. But here’s a pro tip: the way you present culinary delights at an event matters, too. To make a lasting, positive impression on your Toronto event attendees, consider serving the food in a unique and exciting way. To that end, here is some creative inspiration: 4 eye-grabbing or otherwise creative ways for presenting and serving food at your event.

1. Hire Models in Toronto

Let’s face: the people who distribute food to event attendees are an important part of serving food in an exciting way. Thus, hire models in Toronto to hand out beverages, snacks, and other food items to your guests. This will make your event very memorable; after all, who doesn’t like the combination of attractive, personable individuals and delicious food?

Tip: Hire models who are competent and articulate — and not just pretty faces. Intelligent, skilled Toronto models can entertain guests by giving them unique bits of information and anecdotes about the food.

2. Fresh Inspiration from Creative Edge Parties

Creative Edge Parties is a food catering company in NYC and Miami. They consistently strive to create food that not only tastes great but is also share worthy on social media platforms like Instagram (to see some examples of their creative take on food, see their Instagram page here).

Thus, they have adopted a clever marketing strategy when it comes to something as easily overlooked as food. By presenting Instagram-worthy food creations, the food becomes more than just something attendees eat an event: it becomes a medium through which the event can be broadcasted online.

3. Street Food…for Corporate Events

Food trucks and street food are kind of all the rage right now, so how can you bring that idea to corporate events? The answer: food carts with the company’s logo and relevant promotional messages. Presenting food in an visually pleasing, creative-looking food cart will certainly demand attention from hungry corporate clients and leads.

4. Host a “cocktail party”

An alternative to serving large amounts of food is to host a cocktail party (an increasingly popular choice for upscale events). Here, small amounts of food are eaten, thus giving guests the opportunity to network, walk around, and mingle — while eating small, tasty snacks and drinking cocktails. Naturally, to make this approach more effective, the food should be arranged and planned such that it has a unique, creative aesthetic that draws attention.

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