3 Reasons Why Smart Businesses Love Promotional Staff (And You Should, Too)

You won’t slip quietly through this year if your business has had the good sense to hire promotional staff. After all, when one considers the advantages of presenting a brand through the warmth and liveliness of promotional models, it is little wonder that a flurry of million-dollar and billion-dollar brands regularly book such models. Think UFC (that’s Ultimate Fighting Championship). Ferrari and Ford. Monster Energy. Ducati. All of these are high-profile brands that regularly look to promotional models and brand ambassadors to catch the public’s eye and make an impression.

Now then, if you’re wondering why these businesses choose to surround themselves with promotional models – whether they’re in New York City, Toronto, or elsewhere in the USA, Canada, and other regions of the world – consider these 3 reasons.

(1) They distinguish your business and your advertising. Really. Models are magnets that attract the public eye, making your business more memorable. Many, many businesses don’t yet realize the impact that models can have. They don’t realize that a single promotional model in a TV commercial or promotional flyer can literally multiply the earning power of the advertisement – if it is done tastefully (many such ads are executed poorly – that’s because marketing agencies aren’t staffing agencies and so don’t have the direct experience of how to best leverage the use of models).

(2) They give your brand personality. A little personality goes a long way. A lot of
personality goes even further, and that’s why promotional models are so important in your company’s events and galas. People want to know that your business is human. That it has a recognizable streak of character. And promotional models put an appealing image on the otherwise masked face of your business.

(3) They are more than pretty faces. Which means that talented promotional models can not only depict your brand but also sell your brand, products, and services. Suppose your business is hosting a major event. A lot of people are going to be there, and see your promotional models. And if the models have been familiarized with your products and services, they talk with the individuals roaming through the crowd – they can outline the selling points, the benefits, and the features of what your business offer. They can do that in a compelling way. They might even be more
effective than your regular salesperson because people often tune out a salesperson
more easily than they tune out a model. Makes sense, right?

So, you see, there are some very good reasons for hiring promotional models and brand ambassadors that, in dazzling form, put the spotlight on your business. And whether it’s a corporate event, a charity fundraiser, a TV commercial, hospitality staffing, or something else entirely – promotional models may be just what you need. If you have never enlisted the services of an event staffing agency before, don’t worry – finding the one that’s right for you isn’t too hard. And you could end up surprised at how effectively models carry your business forward.

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