5 Ideas to Profit from Promotional Models – For Toronto Businesses

Here's something that many Toronto business owners and managers don't know: promotional models (and other kinds of models, such as brand ambassadors) can actually be used to drive greater profit for the business.

You see, Toronto promotional models shouldn't only be used as ways to build a “brand image.” They can ALSO be used to create real, measurable profit in a fairly quick amount of time. Thus, hiring models becomes an investment – you spend money on models but you get more money in return.

So how exactly can Toronto businesses gain more profit by using models? Here are 5 ideas to kick-start your brain. There are many more strategies and techniques that could be used, but this should help get you started.

Idea #1. Run a promotion – a free giveaway – and have models there at the promotion and giveaway. Let people know that you're doing a free giveaway. For example, announce (through newspaper ads, radio spots, TV ads, or your website or social media accounts) that 1 contestant out of 1,000 entries will receive something valuable for FREE. At the “booth” (or whatever physical location you plan to use) where contestants can fill in their info, have promotional models there. These promotional models will attract more people (so you have a bigger list you can use to send special offers to later) and help improve the overall popularity of your business.

Idea #2. Hire models and do a photoshoot. Then, place images of those models on your print, web, and TV ads. Yes, it's true: the appropriate use of models in advertising measurably lifts response. So don't be afraid to use models in your different ads – whether the ads are on print, web, or TV. It would also be helpful for you to TEST different models, types of images, and so on – testing allows you to incrementally improve response rate.

Idea #3. Hire quality models...without paying a single dollar! Here's how to hire first-class models without having to pay anything. First, plan on hosting an event of some kind. It can be any type of event – a corporate event, a fundraiser, or whatever. Then, go to various businesses with this suggestion: “Look, I'm hosting an event here in Toronto, and we're going to get X number of attendees. We'll have promotional models there. For X dollars, you can have a temporary tattoo ad of your business on the midriffs or shirts or backs of these models (whatever would make sense in the context of your event, of course).”

In this way, other businesses are essentially paying for the models that will be at your event! And, of course, the presence of promotional models at your event will help with building brand loyalty and image – and more fully engage the attendees in a positive, profit-boosting way.

Idea #4. Host a free informational event. Here's a quick example: say you run a furniture store in Toronto (this will work for most businesses, but we're just using a furniture store here as an example). Okay? Now, you get a list of new homeowners in the Toronto area (there are several ways to do this; for example, you could partner with Toronto realtors, home sellers, etc.). Send them an invitation (through mail, flyer, or whatever is most effective for you). Invite them to an event where you will offer FREE information on something they find valuable. Maybe it'd be something like: “How to Find New Furniture for Your Home at Rock-bottom Prices.”

The purpose of this event, from your perspective, would be to generate leads for your furniture store. Then, at this event, hire models to act as brand ambassadors to engage with the audience.

Idea #5. If you own or run a fashion or clothing store. Own or run a fashion or clothing store? Host a catwalk where models show off your latest and/or most popular clothing lines. Fire off press releases to get even more attendees.
Again, these are only 5 out of many ways in which promotional models in Toronto can significantly increase your customer base. For more info on how promotional models can benefit your business, simply give us a call at 647 456 2644!