7 Ways Brand Ambassadors Can Make or Break Your Event

The power of brand ambassadors at your events can have a huge impact on the success of your business. They are more than just greeters; they are representatives who create an emotional connection with your audience and bring awareness to some of the most important parts of your event, like sponsorships or speaker sessions. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 ways that brand ambassadors can make or break your event - so you should take them seriously!

Number One: Make sure they have the right look. It is important that your brand ambassadors are representing you well, so be picky about what type of clothes and accessories they wear on-site! You want people to see them and think “I would buy this if ____ was wearing it” or “Wow, they are a huge fan of ____”. Focus on diversity, different body types and different ethnicities.

Number Two: Empower them with the knowledge they need to succeed on-site. Give your brand ambassadors as much information about what will happen during the event, how it all works, and who is participating so that they can answer questions for attendees! Make sure you have a list of all the sponsors and speakers on-hand so that they can do some extra promotion. And, of course, make sure you have a plan for where to find them in case attendees need assistance!

Number Three: Give them a script with your best words. Make it easy for your brand ambassadors by giving them scripts about what to say when answering questions and when interacting with attendees. Make sure the scripts are inspired by your values, and don’t forget to include some of those memorable quotes!

Number Four: Give them a gift bag! It is always nice for event participants to get something they can keep after all that hard work. Include business cards, free samples or an invitation to sign up for your newsletter in the bag.

Number Five: Make sure they have a good time! It is important to reward them with some fun after all that hard work, so plan on having something extra planned out as well - like an exclusive party or a really delicious meal!

Number Six: Give them enough food and water. They are working hard to represent your business, so make sure they are taken care of with enough water and food. It is a good idea to have fruit on hand as well for them to eat in between breaks!

Number Seven: Make sure you outline the expectations you have for the ambassadors. Create a detailed training ahead of time, give them targets, and offer a bonus based on great performance. Also make sure to have a don't list. No smoking on site, no phones during the events, no swearing and so on.

Follow these tips when hiring brand ambassadors and you can guarantee their success!