A “Grand Affair” – Celebrities, Models, and Spicing Things Up at Jukasa Media’s Launch

It was a wild time a few days ago. Wildly fun. Why? Because Jukasa Media Group, an avant-garde, state-of-the-art recording studio sitting near the banks of Ontario’s Grand River, made the decision to trumpet their launch with a very special event. “We have the tools and expertise to make your work exceptional,” they say on their website. And their desire for the exceptional was flawlessly seen early this June when Jukasa Media chose to hire Femme Fatale Media Group.

Toronto’s favorite event staffing agency (that’s us) was tasked with “spicing things up,” as it were, by deploying a stellar entourage of models that would interact with the guests – making this is a truly memorable and impressionable event.

And memorable it was. The massive event, hailing the grand opening of Jukasa Media, saw the attendance of a number of different celebrities, milling about and overall enjoying the music and the sounds. And the people. And the helicopter.

(Yes, there was a helicopter there too, and some of our models had the fantastic idea to pose next to it. Which they did, and we a got a nice photo of that. Moving on.)

We are proud to have been invited to this happening, and delighted that Femme Fatale Media was picked out to manage an event of this kind. It was truly spectacular, and our alluring, charming models did justice to the in-a-league-of-its-own recording studio that is Jukasa Media. It is more than a recording studio, too: it has a top-tier media school where pros teach the intricacies and nuances of post-production, recording, and all manners of good things as it relates to media – in case you were interested.

We’ll leave off on that note. But, before you get up and dive into the rush of activity in your own day – keep your eyes open for what our models will be doing next. You can be very sure that it will be fun and exciting and thrilling.

It always is.