Get Ready to Cheer – Toronto Says Femme Fatale Media Has the Best Promotional Models...Again!

Best Promotional Models? We're blushing!

Toronto is a bustling city, alive with frosty breezes and splendid towers that pierce the sky. Here, in this busy metropolis, a young woman named Emily Lyons forged a quickly-growing empire: the "Femmepire," as it is becoming increasingly known. And what is this empire she created?

It's none other than Toronto's very own Femme Fatale Media. This event staffing agency is a rapidly rising star. "Femme Fatale is now Canada's leading staffing agency for all things promotions and corporate events," said Forbes. Only a few years have passed since the company's founding, and it's already a shining beacon of what can be accomplished with an entrepreneur's work ethic, grit, and persistence.

And now it's the beginning of 2016. The new year, undoubtedly, will bring many new and bold and exciting experiences for Femme Fatale Media and our clients. But wait! Towards the end of this year, something quite exciting took place that we want to share with you.

You see, after a tense wait, the winners of the Toronto Night Club award were announced. We all breathlessly waited for the results. And then...

Well, before we get to that, it may be necessary to take a brief detour that explains what the Top Choice Awards are. The Toronto Night Club award (TNC) is an award given out to the very best Toronto businesses that are involved in the nightclub scene. How the winners are chosen is unique, however: the general public actually votes for different businesses in each category.

Anyways, as it turns out...(hold your breath)...Femme Fatale Media won this year's Toronto Night Club award for the event staffing category! And thus we would like to extend a hearty "Thank you!" to the citizens of Toronto and to each of our clients who have proven to be absolutely amazing. Thank you – again!

Femme Fatale Media has previously won five other TNC awards. How did we do it? There are many things we credit for the success of Femme Fatale Media. For instance, we love what we do. We're excited about how we help businesses meet their vision. And we are lucky to be in a city like Toronto where open-mindedness and an eye for innovation is quite encouraged. We are also fortunate to have met people along our way to success – people that have inspired, that have motivated, that have been there for us.

And so to our clients, to our friends, to our fans, to those of you who stuck with us even when the going was tough – thank you! We love you all and we're feeling blessed! We hope to serve you for many more years to come!