News from the Femmepire: Some Astonishing Beauty Advice, Bikini Models Enjoy the LA Sun, and NYX Cos

It’s time again for “News from the Femmepire,” where we take a quick look at the exciting happenings from the past couple of weeks. In short order, our models have been very busy these days, whether it’s showing up at launch events for NYX Cosmetics Canada or getting interviewed by Maxim.

So, with that preamble out of the way, here’s what we’ve been up to.

Bikini Models

  • NYX Cosmetics, as the name implies, is a brand of cosmetics that’s super hot right now. They recently decided to do several awesome launch events in Canada, and our promotional models were right there to help build excitement for the brand. Our model dream team also got amazing feedback from NYX Cosmetics:

“Femme Fatale provided personable, professional and reliable staff for our week of events. Engaging with customers and bringing an enthusiastic energy attributed to the success of the events and ultimately a positive consumer experience. They were a great representation and extension of our team. We received flexible and accommodating service from the head-office to fit our needs as the dynamics changed throughout our events. We will use Femme Fatale moving forward for our promotional and staffing needs!”

Thanks, NYX Cosmetics!

NYC Promotion Models

  • Kyla Grandy, one of our most-followed models on Instagram, recently revealed certain things in a Maxim feature. Things like: what kind of man catches her attention, her major turn-offs, and when she feels sexiest. Check it out here.

  • We have a new face joining our Femme Fatale model team: Chelcie. This stylish Toronto girl is currently based in Los Angeles, so we’re excited to welcome her to our elite LA roster.

Stylish Toronto Model

  • Nicole Arbour is a YouTube comedian celeb who hails from Canada. The Femme Fatale Media team helped out with her recent video shoot, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for the roll-out of that video.

Nicole Arbour

“I put toothpaste on breakouts overnight to decrease the redness and puffiness,” quips Femme Fatale stunner Ivona Tymoshenko. Sixteen of our lovely ladies revealed their favorite beauty hacks on Narcity, so if that strikes you as interesting (or if you’re looking to hire personable Toronto models), check it out here!