Brand Ambassadors Toronto – Your Six Rules To Live By For Working in The Six

Brand Ambassadors Tips

There’s no better place to be in the summer than Toronto. Whether it’s hanging with your girls on a boat, heading to a rooftop for patio drinks, or going to a Jay’s game with your best friends – why would you want to be anywhere else?

On that note, it’s pretty darn awesome working as a brand ambassador in the 6ix during the summer. After all, who wants to spend 40 hours a week missing out on fun in the sun, when instead you can be paid to do what you love and still make happy hour!

So, in light of that fact, we came up with the best 6 tips to help you keep that wicked brand ambassador job you love so much, and get even more bookings.


Look the part! As a Brand Ambassador, you’re not only representing the company you’re working for and the company that booked you, but you’re also representing yourself. When out in the field, be approachable so that people are drawn to you. First impressions are highly important, and it’s difficult to be taken seriously by agencies and companies when you look like you just rolled out of bed. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so create a look that emphasizes your best features. Don’t forget to finish off your look with a smile.


Okay, so you attracted your audience…now what? Personality can make anyone stunning, or absolutely hideous, no matter how they look on the outside. Anyone can be a pretty face, but companies hire brand ambassadors and promotional models because they need the whole package. That’s why it’s so important to be kind to every single person you meet. You never know who will book you, who you will work for, or who will help you in the future – so just be the best person you can be, and it’ll pay off.


If you don’t get booked for the events you applied for, reevaluate your profile, make sure you have professional pictures, and keep applying! Trust me, this sort of rejection is not personal. Generally speaking, when companies look for staff, they have a certain look in mind – and like regular modeling or acting, if you don’t fit the role you don’t get the part. This doesn’t mean you’re not an amazing human being, with the face of an angel – it just means you weren’t right for that role. So keep applying, keep being your sweet self, and be patient!


So you’re booked for your first event – congrats! You’re killing it! BE ON TIME! I cannot stress the importance of this enough! It’s such a simple thing, but you would be surprised at how many people are late or don’t show up! Things happen in life (understandable) but do not apply to a job if you know you’re going to be running late for whatever reason. Give yourself tons of time to get to the event, and be 30 minutes early. It’s better to be really early than a minute late. Give yourself time to freshen up, get to know the client, and relax before you start. This way the client is happy – and it creates a good vibe for the shift.


As a brand ambassador, professional photos are crucial to gaining bookings. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg, but even joining groups on Facebook, and networking with new photographers can be a great way to build your portfolio. Professional photos increase your chances to get booked for shifts. When viewing models, clients don’t want to be looking at selfies from you on vacation with the dog filter on – it’s unprofessional.

If you post these high-quality, professional photos online, you’ll begin to build a brand for yourself. And don’t forget: take as close to a professional photo as you can at any event you work at, before putting your phone away. Social media is an amazing free tool for marketing. So use it. Brand yourself, and help us brand you!


So you have the looks and the personality, but how are you carrying yourself? We walk around all day – so how do other people perceive us? Be aware of your posture, your stance when talking to anyone, and your arms while standing! Avoid slouching, do not cross your arms, keep your shoulders back, and your chin up. In this way, you can own every room you walk into.