Brilliantly Uneducated: Changing the Narrative Around Education

Education is a topic that people have strong opinions about. Some believe that it should be the top priority of everyone, while others believe that education is overrated and not important for success. We want to change the narrative around education and show how it's possible to be "brilliantly uneducated." In fact, there are even incredible benefits to not having a formal education, and for business leaders to hire individuals that don't.

A study conducted by Angela Duckworth showed that education is not the sole predictor of success. The study found that grit, passion and perseverance are all three just as important to succeeding in life as a formal education. Grit is especially one of Professor Duckworth's key findings for predicting high achievement among students with disadvantaged backgrounds. In her TED Talk on this topic, she explains how "gritty" kids are not those that have the most talent, but rather they put in significantly more effort than others.

The benefits of not having a formal education are many. For one, it can allow more time to get an apprenticeship or learn a trade that will provide the skills needed in today's job market. Secondly, not having formal education does not mean you are uneducated -- we all have different types of knowledge and expertise gained from life experiences which is just as valuable if not more so than what we learn from a textbook.

The fact is that college simply does not work for everyone. There are many people who would rather get started in their field of interest as soon as possible and earn an income to support themselves than spend the next few years studying subjects that they don't find stimulating or challenging enough. Many times these are creative, passionate, entrepreneurial minded individuals who think differently. The perfect type for senior roles, but due to our societal expectations, are often overlooked in the hiring process.

While having a formal education is by no means useless or irrelevant to success in today's world, it doesn't guarantee your future. We believe that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, skills and knowledge. Having an inclusive view of what constitutes "education" allows for the best possible outcome as individuals can use all aspects of themselves to succeed.

We at Femme Fatale are working hard to change the narrative around education and help people who want to pursue their passions, no matter what level of formal training they have. We believe in grit, passion and perseverance -- not just for those with a higher degree but also for all individuals so that we can create a world where everyone has the chance to succeed.

We seem to forget that formal post secondary schools are businesses and have no obligations to provide the best possible education. Just because an individual did not attain a degree does not mean they are uneducated or less capable of success in life than those with higher levels of formal schooling. With the internet there are endless ways to learn, and learn quicker than ever before. The world is changing at a constant rapid pace, one that very often only the online world can keep up with. You have the most up to date courses from actual experts in the fields at your finger tips. From top entrepreneurs, to Anna Wintour teaching creativity and leadership, to even famed chef Gordon Ramsey teaching you how to cook, there are plenty of ways to learn the skills that matter. Quite often these courses are faster, cheaper and without the hassle of a traditional institution.

That's why we are thrilled to launch our new service, brilliantly uneducated, elevating the talent of passionate, grit filled individuals. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Brilliantly uneducated. Staffing services for uneducated talent that have grit, passion and perseverance. Changing the narrative around education.