Create the Most Epic Event of the Holiday Season

“Winter is coming.” That phrase is our cue to spread hearty cheer to everyone, near and far. So here are some early warm winter wishes from our models to you!

The winter holidays are a grand time to unleash your imagination and throw an epic holiday-themed party that people love.

That’s where our award-winning lineup of models can help you out. A lot. Simply put…

Femme Fatale Media is Your Winter Partner for Fabulous Holiday Events

Make this the wintry season you always dreamed of. Surrounded by people you love. Cheerful tidings. And energetic…friendly…personable event staff to turn your holiday event into a raging bacchanal – or a dignified, regal celebration.

And, don’t forget – with Femme Fatale Media right there with you, this is your chance to make your event a festive harbinger of the joyous New Year to come!

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Throw an Epic Holiday Event. Like You’re Royalty. Here’s How Femme Fatale Media Helps You.

Award-Winning Event Staffing, Talent and full marketing services for Your Upcoming Holiday Event

  • You’ll love our models.

    Because they love helping out with fabulous holiday events. Plus, your guests will love Femme Fatale’s friendly models and staff, too – and your event will make a much greater impact on the minds of your attendees.
  • We make this easy for you.

    Seriously. Communicating and planning with us is a breeze. No headaches for you! We also offer full event planning options.
  • Your event will be unforgettable.

    Making your event unforgettable and utterly memorable is the aim – the vision – that eternally motivates us. We have the know-how, pedigree, and resources to help you pull off a triumphant holiday event.

These are just a few of the many ways Femme Fatale Media adds a jovial spirit to your holiday events. Just contact us and tell us about your specific event so we can show you EXACTLY all the amazing ways we can help you out.

Fair enough? Awesome! Just email to tell us more about your event needs.