Did You Hear About Our New Business Development Manager, Amie Reiman?

Her Name: Amie Reiman

Her Hometown: Niagara Falls, Ontario – but she currently resides in Toronto

Her Favorite Food: “Not much of a cook. Okay, truth – I eat out a lot. Thai, Japanese and Italian are my top choices. Anything pasta or fish!” quips Amie.

She’s the all-new business development manager for Femme Fatale Media – and we are very pleased to have her on board.

What should you know about this charismatic lover-of-all-things-business?

First things first. Amie has a deep-rooted zeal for creating strong and helpful relationships with clients. Also fond of the thrill of developing new business leads, Amie has a definite affinity for “a full scale, ever-changing and constantly moving line of work.” Rest assured, then, that Femme Fatale Media’s current and future clients will find it at once useful and fun to interact and communicate with Amie.

A hard-working and enthusiastic woman with a contagious energy, Amie has a few things of interest to impart to you and our Femme Fatale staff.

Asked about how she handles the delicate balance between the demands of work and the pursuit of a healthy life beyond work, she suggests that getting a good night of sleep is critical. And, she adds, “Juggling career, relationship, family and friends requires scheduling for all. Firm believer in making plans and keeping them – so the more in advance the better.”

Most frequently attired in a “comfortably coordinated” style of fashion, Amie loves to travel and enjoys ladies’ nights in-and-out, immersing herself (and her 6-year-old son, whom she describes as her “life outside of work”) in watching theatre, and going to festivals – “food and dancing anywhere is great!” says Amie candidly. Day tripping, too, is something she loves – and it’s a favorite weekend activity of hers.

On a more serious note, Amie finds inspiration from several people close to her, including her mother. “I think they have all brought unique inspirations to my life over the years,” Amie says. “By being coached through hard times and developing invaluable ways to cope and overcome challenges, I allowed myself to be asked the hard questions and always listened to the advice given. Watching all of them – and all so different – has shown me a greater way to self-manage, persevere and desire more for myself every day.”

A graduate of George Brown College (where she studied Business Marketing, Administration and Communications), Amie is eager to bring her expertise to the fore of Femme Fatale Media’s ever-expanding reach in the event staffing arena.

So this is our way of welcoming Amie to the Femme Fatale Media team – and introducing her to you. Welcome aboard, Amie!