Employment Staffing Agencies – How our Innovative Recruiting Services Solves Your Company’s Hiring Woes – “Fast and Forever.”


Born from the brains behind Canada’s leading event staffing agency, Femme Fatale Placement Agency successfully matches firms and businesses with the most effective employees – who have both the necessary expertise as well as warm, personal charisma.


That’s how this young, trend-setting placement agency solves your recruiting problems. Fast – and forever. Femme Fatale Placement agency gives your business a comprehensive suite of placement services: temporary placement, permanent placement, and consulting options.



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Temporary Placement

More true today than ever before: because of the frenzied, round-the-clock communication made possible by the internet and other technologies, the business environment often changes at a hectic and almost frantic pace.
To meet the challenges this imposes on your business strategy: Femme Fatale Placement Agency provides you with temporary staffing for dozens of possible positions – including assistant, creative, and management roles. In this way, your company can quickly adapt in response to evolving business conditions – by hiring the right talent without a long-lasting financial commitment.

Permanent Placement

By pairing your company with just the right employees – who are both talented professionals with relevant skills and personable, beautiful models– Femme Fatale Placement Agency contributes time-saving and money-saving value to your company.
Our talent pool of models is rich in skills and real-world experience that gives your company a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

Consulting Options

Your company is facing a marketing or strategic challenge that’s palpably unique to your organization? Femme Fatale Placement Agency has made it a definite aim to assemble efficient, highly-talented consulting teams that can tackle your company’s specific problems.
Since our executive team comes from a distinguished pedigree of elite headhunting and team-building, your company will save time and money by looking to our efficient consulting teams.

Our Services

All of these services include a wide range of possible placement positions, including the following.

For more information contact us at info@femmefatalemedia.com,

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What Client’s Say

Emily Lyons, and Femme Fatale, are one of the best companies I have ever worked with. Emily, as founder of the company, is personable, punctual, intelligent, and just a pleasure to deal with. The staff sent were all prompt and did exactly what they were hired to do.
Vatché Pirjanian, Scotia Bank
Fantastic to work with.
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