4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Event Staff, from Toronto’s Leading Event Staffing Agency

Great businesses have great events. Magnificent, extraordinary, fun events attract crowds of enthusiastic fans who will love buying from you.

And these kinds of events – properly orchestrated – help portray your brand as vibrant. Exciting. Dazzling. The stuff dreams are made of – especially when the event is more than just a vanity showcasing of your brand but instead actively tries to solve a problem your customers have.

But this is a digression. Here, in less than four or five minutes, you will learn 4 tips on how to use photography to make the most of your event. This digestible content comes to you straight from the experience of the leading Toronto event staffing agency, Femme Fatale Media Group. That’s code for: this is going to be good, so read on.

Tip #1: Capture a lot of photographs and videos.

“Why?” you ask. Because the visual medium is powerful. It has the power to sway masses – to capture the public’s interest and form an indelible impression on the mind. And photography and video are excellent material for marketing purposes – use them for your social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, website, and on and on) and your engagement could see a nice bump. So make sure you have a team that’s capturing photos and video of your event.

Tip #2: Look for props.

Your event will likely have props of some kind. It could be anything, really: tables, game stations, product show casings, and so on. Ask some of your event staff to pose around these props, and get plenty of high quality photos of this. Remember, people love to see that your
brand is human. This means that your event staff should almost always be in your photos and videos.

Tip #3: Get your event staff fired up for success.

Your event staff is crucial to outstanding success for your event. If you hire a killer event
staffing agency – like Toronto’s own Femme Fatale Media Group – you’ll certainly have staff
that know what they’re doing. And this means that your event’s staff will interact with the crowd – getting them excited and thrilled and psyched up. Guess what? Take photos of your
event staff interacting with the crowd in a fun way and people will fall in love with your

Tip #4: Ask people to share their own photos!

Your event’s staff may very well pose with people in the crowd. These people, surrounded
by attractive and enthusiastic staff, will likely whip out their smartphones and take lots of
pictures and video. If you have a regular social media following (on Twitter or Facebook or
Instagram, for example), simply ask your fans to share their photos of the event. This is
especially helpful for you if they share these photos with their own friends, because you’ll
be getting an exceptional amount of exposure.

Would you like more tips and advice on how to make your event a dramatic hit with the public? Contact our Toronto event staffing agency, and we’ll be sure to help you out! info@femmefatalemedia.com