Reasons Why It’s Crucial to Find an Event Staffing Agency with a Large Roster for Your Next Event

Suppose your company or organization is about to launch a promotional event to make people feel pumped for an exciting new product or offering. And, to help ensure that this event will be a big hit, you’ve been handed the task of finding the right event staffing agency for your company to partner with. But just how can you go about doing that? After all, if you pick the wrong event staffing agency, then the promotional event can very easily turn into a big flop instead of a major win.

Needless to say, there are a considerable number of factors to be considered when identifying the best event staffing agency for your company’s event needs.

One of the most important factors, however – and, in our experience, one that is often overlooked – is the size of the agency’s staffing roster or database. As a general rule, a sufficiently large staffing roster – Femme Fatale Media Group, for example, has well over 4,000 individuals in its database – suggests that the agency can easily deploy the most effective mix of brand ambassadors, promotional models, or other staffing talent for an organisation’s event. And in this context, an “effective mix” is an event staffing team that, first, has the specific skills for conveying the unique value of a brand or product and, second, is the best fit for the event’s target audience.

Let’s examine each of these in turn.

Skill Set of the Event Staff

While not all events need staff with a specific skill set, many do. Consider, for example, this scenario: a company in the kitchenware space plans to use a live event to promote some lovely new utensils that make food prep a little easier. Naturally, then, a live demonstration of the utensils in action will help demonstrate the value of these new products. Thus, event staff who know their way around a kitchen – and who have serious cooking and food handling skills – will be better suited for this role than staff who are quite unfamiliar with anything kitchen- or cuisine-related. And an event staffing agency with a large, diverse roster is significantly more likely to have staff with this skill set than an agency that has a smaller staffing database.

Fit of the Event Staff for the Event’s Target Audience

An event’s target audience often responds better to event staff teams that have particular characteristics compared to other teams. As a simple-and-straightforward example, imagine for a moment that a brand was executing an event to promote a line of styling products for men’s beards. In this case, the event’s target audience will almost certainly respond more enthusiastically to a team of beard-sporting staff than to a team of beardless male staff members. Of course, determining which characteristics in an event staff team resonate most strongly with a target audience is a challenge in itself – and may require a close look at demographic and other audience data. The point, however, is this: an event staffing agency with a large roster can – much of the time, at least – more easily put together a team of event staff that triggers a very positive response from the target audience.

So if you’d like to launch an event staffed by the very best people, consider tapping into Femme Fatale Media’s extensive, diverse database of over 6,500 high-calibre individuals.