Event Staffing Toronto – An Insiders Guide To Working Events In The Six

Are you looking to break out into working promotional events in Toronto? Working in event staffing can be competitive in any city, let alone event staffing Toronto – with 2.615 million people! However it can also be very rewarding, a flexible schedule, good pay and super cool events! A great chance to network and meet invaluable connections! So how do you do it? Here are our fool proof tips to stand out from the competition and land your spot on the cities top event staffing Toronto rosters.

1. Put Your Best Face Forward –

When going to an event staffing agency in Toronto to apply for a job you want to stand out. Agencies want to see bright, smiling faces that light up a room. Go in dressed professionally and despite the fun nature of some of the events, remember at the end of the day it’s a job so bring an updated resume, references, and head shots if you have them.

2. Get Some Experience –

If you are completely new to the events industry try reaching out to some seasoned pros. There are plenty of Facebook groups for event staff and promotional models in Toronto. Network and find out the best agencies, how to land gigs, and what they are looking for.

3. When You Get The Chance, Blow Then Away! –

Once you get your chance at a first event knock em dead! A lot of agencies have their favourite staff that they know they can rely on and will give them first choice to all events. This means showing up early, prepared and always going above and beyond your job duties. If their client is on site, then impress them. Chat them up, be friendly and build a relationship – at the end of the day, they are the boss. You also never know who is watching and what future positions this could lead to.

4. Get Head Shots –

Investing in some head shots for agencies to provide to clients will make you stand out from others. They don’t have to be crazy, but something professional that shows your appearance.