Event Staffing – How To Do It Right

Event Staffing – How To Maximize Your ROI When Working With An Agency

Event staffing can seem like a daunting task to many, finding the right personality and look that suits your company or event is crucial. Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be. After a decade in the industry, we like to think of ourselves as experts in the industry! Here are our key tips to ensure you have a stress free experience, get the exact staff you are looking for and ultimately a great return on your investment! Turn heads, stand out and make sales!

1. Define What You Want –

You know your brand or event better than anyone else (hopefully). Define how you want it to be represented. You can ask an agency to help you come up with ideas on costumes, looks and more – or dictate exactly what you want.

2. Go With A Reputable Event Staffing Agency –

The last thing you need it to be worrying about staff on the day of an event. Cancellations, late arrivals or any other unforeseen circumstances should be accounted for a preplanned for by a good agency. Avoiding any on day hiccups.

3. Know Your Targets –

What do you want to achieve from your event? Whether you are looking to make sales, grow your customer database or increase brand awareness – you should know this and communicate it with the team on site and agency. Then track the results.

4. Train Ahead Of Time –

Create a training document ahead of time to send the agency. Ensure all the staff have read it over and understand everything about your company and your targets. Have them arrive early on the day of and do some quizzing with each member to ensure they know exactly what you are looking for. Remember, they are a reflection of your brand or self. You want to ensure they put the best face forward and know what they are talking about.

5. Have An On Site Manager –

Most staffing agencies will appoint an on site manager to oversee the staff and event flow. You want to keep things simple on event day and not be worrying about monitoring staff. Having a one person point of contact that you can relay feedback to and oversee the team for you will streamline everything.

Whatever you do just remember a good event staffing agency is there to make things easier, better and more stress free for you! If you’d like some more information on event staffing services, or how we can help your next event, please contact us today at info@femmefatalemedia.com.