3 Smarts Ways to Effectively Execute & Staff Your Next Toronto Event

If you’re an individual, small business, or a non-profit, successfully planning, staffing and executing an event can be a bit tricky. It’s easy to find yourself swamped in a deluge of to-do lists, deadlines, and activities.

So what can you do to smartly execute the planning, organization, and realization of your event?

Here at Femme Fatale Media, we’ve come across numerous individuals, business owners, and event directors who had a knack for efficiently launching highly successful events. While they all had their own unique set of tactics and methods, we discovered over the years that there were 3 key strategies that all of them had in common.

So here we’ve distilled these 3 strategies for your perusing pleasure -- and, by implementing them in a very real way, you will discover that executing your event becomes less of a headache and more of an exciting opportunity to use your skills.

1. Create a Crystal-Clear Plan

We’ve seen it happen all too often, and perhaps you have, too. Someone’s all amped up about the event they’ll be throwing, and they throw themselves into action before taking the time to create a crystal-clear plan, get organized, and connect their activities to the overall event marketing strategy. The result? The whole thing starts petering out, and before you know it, the once-grand vision for a great event has evaporated.

How do you prevent that from happening? Create an organized plan before going all-out with your event activities. Your plan should include:

What people you need to organize together in order to move forward.

What resources you will need (marketing collateral, equipment, event staffing services, etc.).

A clear overview of who in your team is responsible for doing what.

This plan is not only for your own good; it benefits your entire planning and execution team. By providing precise direction about what needs to happen, everyone will be on the same page and will have the initiative to make your event happen.

2. Create specific goals, deadlines, and stretch goals.

By creating specific goals and deadlines, you have a benchmark for accurately measuring whether your plan is on track towards successful completion. Why have stretch goals, too? Well, successful accomplishment of stretch goals can actually improve team engagement, as long as they feel you’re there to support them in reaching and surpassing difficult goals. Stretch goals prevent stagnation from setting in, and constantly powers your plan forward with momentum.

3. Give your team more positive feedback!

Goals and deadlines can motivate a team, but those are external motivators -- not intrinsic motivators. So take the time to listen and understand exactly what your team has been up against, and what obstacles they have successfully overcome. Get a good grasp of their perspective “on the ground,” so to speak, and then deliver insightful, helpful feedback. Importantly, make it a point to give positive recognition to team members who have especially made progress. In this way, your team will be motivated to get your event successfully underway, and all the little components of your plan (see item no. 1, above) will be completed.

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