Femme Fatale hits the links with Sobieski Vodka

Femme Fatale models promoted premium Polish vodka brand Sobieski at the pristine Angus Glen Golf Club and Conference Centre last week. Two Femme Fatale promotional models, who were dressed in red and looking their very best, were on the course to sample a tasting for members of the club. Our promotional models drew people towards the product, who were then able to try it in addition to learning interesting and engaging information about the Polish brand.

Sobieski Vodka is Polands number one premium vodka. Sobieski prides itself on it's pure and true loyalty to the ancient values of Polish vodka drinking. Sobieski does not believe in over-marketing and believe their Polish recipe vodka product will speak for itself.

Femme Fatale promotional models have extensive experience with the type of interactive live-marketing that was used in this campaign. Our models are beautiful and charming, but also have the personality to interact with people and ability to properly represent the specific values of brand. Femme Fatale's ability to select a girl from their extensive roster that is just the right fit for the job is what sets this agency above the rest. Okrzyki!