Femme Fatale Media Featured By Forbes!

We're very excited recently be featured in an article on Forbes.com, the leading source for reliable business news and financial information. The article excerpt is below. Thank you very much Forbes!

"In an unrelated story, Emily Lyons, CEO of Femme Fatale Media has learned over the years that free is best. “Capitalize on all the free services you can get. Keep your expenses as low as possible until you start to generate a profit, then re-invest that into the company to continue to build.”

Emily started her business with only $100 in the bank, so she knows frugal (my old boss would have loved her). She now uses these tools to streamline her business in a big way. To this day, she uses free email marketing services, social media and everything she can get her hands on to save her from hiring someone or paying for a vendor. And her strategy is working, seeing as how Femme Fatale is now Canada’s leading staffing agency for all things promotions and corporate events."