Femme Fatale Models Get Your Engines Revving With Yamaha!

Yamaha Motor Sports hired Femme Fatale promotional models to represent their brand at Canada's biggest bike-meet this past weekend. Biker Boyz is an annual outdoor motorcycle event held at Woodbine Centre. The event draws thousands of bike-owners and spectators to come together and celebrate their passion for high-speed motorcycles. The event had bike-shows, bikini-washes, and hundreds of prizes for visitors. All motorcycle brands were present and Femme Fatale was proud to represent Yamaha. Yamaha is a leading brand in motorsports and chose Femme Fatale for their reputation to accurately represent companies specific values. Femme Fatale promotional models were professional, charming, informative, and engaging. The models met all of their goals and received praise, as usual, from the client: "They showed up very early, and were very outgoing! Constantly engaging customers and getting them to sign up. No complaints here!" In addition to bikes and booths there was comedians, live music, food and dancing on this hot and sunny Sunday afternoon. With the help of Femme Fatale, the event was a huge success!