Right This Way: 5 Beautiful Femme Fatale Models Featured in MAXIM

Our Toronto Models Featured In MAXI!

You already know that our CEO, Emily Lyons, has been featured in MAXIM. That was back in March of this year. However, it may interest you to know that in the months following that MAXIM feature, a number of Femme models have been spotlighted by the famous men’s magazine.

Here, then, are 5 models in Femme Fatale Media’s award-winning roster who were featured by MAXIM this year – as well as some of the interesting questions they answered.

  • Jorie Mae Stanton

    With over 7,000 fans on Snapchat, Jorie Mae Stanton is a talented model whose clients have included companies like Pirelli. What’s her favorite date idea? Go-karting. Or paintballing. As long as it’s followed by a delectable dinner.

  • Andrea C

    This Serbian-born Toronto beauty has had an eclectic experience. A political science degree combined with head-turning good looks makes Andrea C. an intelligent, impressive, and beautiful model. “Be confident and funny!” is Andrea C.’s advice for a man looking to catch her eye.

  • Isabel Lahela

    An Olympic weightlifter, a dancer, and an Instagram-savvy brunette, Isabel Lahela has a winner’s attitude. Is it a good idea for a guy to approach her while she’s busy at the gym? “Definitely not! I am in the zone at the gym and trying to focus on my workout,” says Isabel.

  • Naa-Larley Karikari

    Stunning and talented, Naa-Larley Karikari (her nickname is “Narley”) is making a name for herself in swimsuit and lingerie shots. She’s also been in a music video with Drake – and is the new senior matchmaker at our sister company, Lyons Elite. “A man should never ask invasive questions or be on his phone the entire time” is Naa-Larley’s piece of advice for what a guy should never do on a date.

  • Kelleth Cuthbert

    Specializing in editorial shoots and sultry lingerie photographs, beautiful Kelleth Cuthbert stands at 5’9”. “Authenticity, quick wit, a sense of adventure, and the ability to throw yourself completely into your passions” is a turn on for this brunette bombshell.