Femme Fatale teams up with Blow Vapor

We're pleased to announce that Femme Fatale Media Group Inc and Blow Vapor's first week of collaboration was a great success. We recently teamed up with Blow Vapor to promote its line of smokeless and nicotine-free e-cigarettes and e-hookahs at Toronto's busiest nightclubs. Femme Fatale staffed three promotional models to advertise and sell Blow Vapor's products at Uniun Nightclub this past Sunday. We exceeded our sales target and peaked a lot of interest in the safe-alternative that Blow Vapor offers to traditional cigarettes.

Club-goers were very interested to hear about Blow Vapor's products, which, unlike old-fashioned cigarettes, can be used indoors. Blow Vapor's products provide flavour and a sensation similar to smoking, minus the harmful ingredients. In addition to e-cigarettes, Femme Fatale promotional models were offering e-hookahs to the guests at Uniun Nightclub. The hookahs, like e-cigarettes, are smokeless and nicotine-free, but still provide the flavour and fun of a classic shisha.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular as the healthier and odor-free smoking alternative that can be used in bars, restaurants, planes, and offices. Blow Vapor's products have exquisite designs and quality ingredients. The e-cigarettes available at the Uniun Nightclub were disposable but there are also rechargeable kits available at www.blowvapor.com.

Using Femme Fatale models is a natural choice when selecting high quality representation of your brand to the public. Femme Fatale promotional models have extensive experience as brand ambassadors. Our beautiful and charming staff are a great addition to any event and provide guests with engaging product knowledge that increases brand awareness. Our live-marketing techniques have been praised by clients but our new relationship with Blow Vapor is the most creative to date, using our award-winning staff as a vehicle for direct sales to their clientele.

We look look forward to continuing to wow our partners and clients. If you want to try any of Blow Vapor's products, which are available in flavours like mint, tobacco, pineapple, and blueberry, amongst others, you can find us at Uniun Nightclub Saturdays and Sundays and we will have our models at Cabana later this summer. Come by and hi!