Getting In: A PR Internship at Femme Fatale

A blog from our PR Inter Krista

I always knew I was a good fit for the communications industry. However, it took some soul searching before I got there. My interviewing and writing abilities are reasons why I was originally enrolled in Durham College’s Journalism program. Still, I didn’t feel it was the perfect fit for me and decided to switch to the college’s Public Relations Program. Some may wonder, why the switch? I wanted the freedom to work in all kinds of aspects of the communications industry. In Public Relations there is such a large variety of career choices, and that excited me. I made a wise decision. I’d like to say I thrived in my two years in Durham’s PR program, as it resulted in me landing a dream internship with Femme Fatale Media and Promotions.

Femme Fatale is Canada’s leading promotional event staffing agency. I had researched the company along with a few other options. But after reading their countless blog posts, following their Instagram account and researching their list of cliental (Pandora, Rockstar Energy, Honda, Budweiser, Calvin Klein and Warner Brothers - just to name a few) I knew this was where I wanted to be, and hopefully for a long time.

Fast-forward a few months to my first day on the job. I remember it like it was yesterday (probably because it was only a few short months ago) but that’s beside the point. Being a small town girl I remember being nervous about finding my way around the big city of Toronto. I was still hoping to find the office with ease. It seemed as if it was going to be a bright sunny day so I happily got onto the go-train and made my commute to Toronto. Once arrived, I was an hour early – I was a bit nervous and thought better to be early just incase! After checking in with reception I patiently waited for Ms. Lyons to be ready and have me sent up. I made my way to the 21st floor. I made my way to the board room and sitting across the table was this beautiful woman who greeted me with the biggest smile and a warm welcome. That was Emily Lyons, my boss and founder of Femme Fatale. After getting to know one another we worked on a blog post and she taught me everything I needed to know about her company and what I could do to get the most out of this internship. My first day was successful and I was more than ready to give this internship everything I had.

Since then i've had the pleasure of working full time in the office. I've written press releases, conducted first model interviews, scouted new talent, sourced costumes and accessories for events, assisted in bookings, was an onset assistant for the spring photo shoot (also assisted in sourcing and styling models) and accompanied Emily to major meetings with clients for upcoming events, always taking note of her professionalism along the way. I'm so excited to continue to learn more in these areas as well as start training in sales and client management.

My experience so far has been amazing and I have made the first step in accomplishing my dreams! I can only hope to shine as a PR consultant and member of the Femme Fatale team here in the years to come.

Krista Alessandra
Public Relations Representative & Account Co-Ordinator
Femme Fatale Media & Promotions