Hanging Out on a Yacht with Models – Announcing an Amazing New Service from Femme Fatale Media

Hanging Out on a Yacht with Models – Announcing an Amazing New Service from Femme Fatale Media

Let's say you own a yacht. And enjoy hosting thrilling galas or corporate functions on your yacht. Or maybe your company owns such a yacht. At any rate, who wouldn't want to party on a yacht?

All the more so if there are lovely, charming, and talented models strolling around – promoting some product or service or just delighting your thronging guests.

Let's quickly take a look at 4 good reasons why your next big yacht event deserves some model talent.

(1) Promote specific products, services, and special offers. Yes – brand ambassadors and professional models who know how to market your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience – can make a huge difference in response rate. So if you're hosting a grand event on a yacht to promote some product or service – or a new “special offer” – get a stellar line-up of models to engage with your guests in a meaningful, human way.

(2) Enhance your brand image and increase exposure. Classy models help improve your brand image – and they'll help you with increased exposure, too. When photographers are on deck, snapping shots of your yacht soirée – they'll send those photos on to various news outlets and other PR outlets. And when you've got stunning models in those shots, people will take notice.

(3) Have a bigger list of attendees. Nothing says “Come hang out on my yacht for this great event!” like a bunch of lovely models there to charm the guests. And if your brand or yachting club steadily builds a reputation for always having models at the event...more and more people will be interested in dropping by. And that, again, means more exposure and greater opportunities for you.

(4) Hire Gorgeous & Professional Hospitality Staff. Did you know Femme Fatale provides specially trained catering staff? From bartenders, servers to hostesses we can fulfill any service position you require with the same level of beautiful talent we're known for!

In fact, recently the Royal Canadian Yacht Club booked models with Femme Fatale Media – resulting in an impressive cast of models hosting parties and events for this Canadian sports club. Other private clients, too, have seized the opportunity to add Toronto models to their yacht events (of all kinds).
And, at the risk of repeating what has already been implied: many corporate functions and galas held on yachts fail to use models “on board” in order to get a better, more thrilling response from the guests or the public. Thus, the time is ripe for your own business or club to book models with Femme Fatale Media – so you can cruise your way to a more effective, more fun, and more news-worthy yacht event.