Valentine's Day Tips From The Models Of Femme Fatale!

Some do's and don'ts from our models for this Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

1. Avoid Cliché.

2. Be Prepared.

3. DON’T try to get out of celebrating Valentine’s Day by claiming that this is just a manufactured holiday.

4. Avoid Lingerie. You can get the wrong size and she also may think you have one thought in mind.

5. Find a creative way to say I love you.

6. DO plan a date that’s outside the box!

7. Don’t break up with your girlfriend that day. Honestly, who wants to be “that” guy?!

8. You can never go wrong with flowers.

9. Have fun with it!

10. Don’t forget the day!

February 14th is Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day from the models of Femme Fatale!