Here’s How We Welcome Adam Haias to the Femme Fatale Media Team...

Who is Adam Haias?

Well, for starters he’s notoriously good at mesmerizing the public as a social media influencer. He’s also a new model and talent for commercial work, who happens to be quite adept at combining personal swagger with sartorial finesse.

His name is Adam Haias, and he’s new to the Femme Fatale team. Say “hi” to Adam.

And now here, in Q&A fashion, we answer some burning questions you might have about this good-looking, Stratford-born gent.

Q: Okay, what should I know about Adam?

A: He’s the step-brother of Justin Bieber. Yes, the Justin Bieber. Quite naturally, Adam and Justin are quite fond of hanging out together.

Q: Exciting. So how many Instagram followers does Adam have?

A: Close to 100,000. To be exact: 96,200 and growing.

Q: Are there any Hollywood actors who kinda look like Adam?

A: Honestly, yes. There does appear to be an often uncanny resemblance between Adam and Brad Pitt.

Q: Yes, I see that now. Why should I follow Adam on Instagram?

A: You are encouraged to follow Adam on Instagram if —

  1. Generally speaking, you’re attracted to good-looking dudes.
  2. You need some fashion inspiration.
  3. You enjoy pictures of travelling, amazing parties and a guy who knows how to rock hat fashion, etc.
  4. You’re a Belieber.
  5. You’d like to see how a male model gets his work done.

And that’s how we welcome Adam Haias to the Femme Fatale Media team. You can check out his Instagram here. If you'd like to book Adam for your next event, shoot or promote your product on social media contact us today at