Hire Service Staff – 4 Tips For Finding Superstar Talent

Hiring Amazing Service Staff – What You Need To Know First!

Whether you are planning a corporate dinner, a trade show booth, or hitting the streets with an experiential marketing campaign, hiring the right service can make or break your promotional initiatives. You want to ensure you hire the right staff that fit your brand or event, otherwise it could end up being disastrous! We love what we do, and pride ourselves on being experts in our field. So we have taken the liberty to compile our top 4 tips for finding the right superstar service staff.


You want staff that want to be there, that will be just as energized at a 6:00AM call time as they will when it hits noon. Finding staff that believe in your brand and love what they do are paramount to a succesful activation.

2. Experience

It may seem like a simple job, but its more than just a pretty face. Being a brand ambassador can mean conveying your brand image, being the face of your event or more. It will ultimately leave an impression for who you and your company are. Hiring staff that are experienced in what ever genre you are booking them for will be a key step to a great execution.

3. Charming and Engaging

You want staff that aren’t going to be shy, but get out there and get the job done, whatever it may be! A great service staff is someone who isn’t shy to get out there and mingle. If its a service style event, they will get out there and mingle with your guests, but also not shy away from cleaning the tables!

4. Use An Agency

Using a reputable agency, like Femme Fatale Media, can make hiring service staff easy. Especially if you are only hiring a few times a year! Having an agency do the work for you means you can skip out on the interviews and just have fantastic, reliable and fully trained staff show up for your event. You don’t have to worry about cancellations or other unforeseen circumstances!