Hiring Event Staff: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success

Planning an event is a lot of work. Not only do you have to find the right venue, catering, and entertainment but you also need to hire event staff. This can be one of the most difficult parts of planning your event because there are so many different types of employees that you will need for various tasks.

Whether you're hiring hostesses, brand ambassadors, catering staff or promotional models - they're often the essential part to your events success. We've put together this guide on how to successfully hire event staff in order to make it easier for you!

You will need to hire event staff that is appropriate for the type of event you are hosting. For example, if it's a dinner party then some waiters and bartenders should be enough but if it's an all day outdoor festival with multiple stages and dancing areas then you'll need many more employees like stage managers, security guards, and maybe even a doctor on site.

Determine the primary responsibilities for the event staff

you are hiring. If you only need staff for one or two specific tasks then try to hire a smaller team of employees that can accomplish these goals well. However, if the main task is something like crowd control and security than it's best to ask your event staffing agency for their advice on how many people would be necessary for this job.

Determine the type of event staff required

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, different types of employees will be needed. For example, if it's a wedding then your list might look like this: DJ/band manager; bartender; waiters and servers for food service; bartenders ; coat check attendants or hosts. However, at an outdoor music festival with multiple stages and other staff you might need to hire some employees that are more specialized like stage managers, security guards , photographers/videographers, doctors. We've compiled a list below of some of the most common event staff, and what they can do for your event.

  1. Brand Ambassadors
  2. - Brand ambassadors are people who represent a company or organization through public relations. They look and act like employees of the brand they're representing, so it's incredibly important that you hire someone who will be able to engage with guests at your event well.

  3. Crowd Control Staff
  4. - Crowd control staff is basically just what it sounds like: this type of employee will control the flow of traffic around your event to avoid chaos and make sure that everyone is safe.

  5. Promotional Models

    - Promotional models are hired to stand or walk around an event and advertise a product by simply being there. They can be walking advertisements on the street, brand ambassadors at booths, those who distribute flyers ,or even bartenders handing out drinks with branded coasters!

  6. Hosts and/or hostesses
  7. - Hosts and/or hostesses are people who greet guests as they arrive at an event. They will often direct them to where their seats are, point out nearby restrooms , hand out programs or maps of the space.

  8. Food and Beverage Catering Staff
  9. - Food and beverage catering staff are employees who take care of the serving, cooking , or cleaning at an event. This includes everything from servers to bartenders as well as chefs.

  10. Security
  11. - Security staff is exactly what it sounds like: employees who make sure that the event space is safe for guests. They will be on hand to handle any problems or issues, and may even provide security escorts.

  12. Stage Staff
  13. - Stage managers are responsible for making sure that the equipment being used during an event runs smoothly without interruption from technical difficulties. They also make sure that all necessary production staff are where they need to be at the right time and communicate with other event staff about any changes in schedule or plans.

  14. Production Staff
  15. - Production staff is another one of those vague terms, but it's generally used for anyone who works behind the scenes during an event on anything from lighting design to stage management.

  16. Bartenders and Waiters/Waitresses
  17. - Bartenders and waiters/waitresses help keep your guests well-fed and hydrated! They will be responsible for taking drink orders and delivering them to guests.

  18. Coat Checkers
  19. - Coat check attendants or hosts are responsible for checking coats and other personal belongings at an event when needed, e.g., when entering a club with no coat room . They will also be responsible for collecting lost items that have been left behind by your guests on their way out of the venue.

Now, Where Can You Find The Event Staff Required?

  1. Hiring Yourself - If you are hosting an event at your home or another location that is associated with you, then hiring yourself as one of the required staff members can be a great way to save money. You will need to consider if this would work for you and what roles/responsibilities it might entail before jumping in headfirst! But remember: even if you're not the one hosting, it's perfectly acceptable to be a guest at your own event if that is what you want!
  2. Working With Professional Event Staffing Companies - If you are planning an event in which staff members from other companies will need to be present (like those mentioned above), then working with professional staffing agencies can save both time and money. Event staffing companies work with individuals who are experienced in their roles (like bartenders, servers ,and security guards) to provide them for events at a price that is below market value . This will allow you more funds to spend on other aspects of your event instead!

How To Work With An Event Staffing Agency?

As with anything, there is some work that goes into finding the best event staffing agency for you. You will need to consider what kind of staff members are needed (promotional models , hosts and hostesses ?) as well as how many of them you will require before making a decision. If your budget allows it, hiring multiple agencies at once to see who can provide you with the best staff for your event is an option to consider. If not, planning ahead and securing your agency as soon as possible will ensure that there are no hiccups along the way!

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