Your Guide to Hiring Models in Toronto

Hiring models in Toronto might seem like a simple matter: you have an event or an ad campaign you’re planning for, and you need some models. You find the models and they help raise the profile of your event or ad and you turn that talent into money. Easy.

Except it’s not always so straightforward. For those who have never gone through the experience of hiring models in Toronto, things can get a bit tricky. It’s not necessarily as clear-cut as 1, 2, 3.

Here to help you out: this handy, succinct guide to hiring models in Toronto. Check it out.

Where Do You Find Models?

This is (obviously) the first step. You’ve got to find models! Now then, there are many places you can find a “model.” There might be an advertisement in the local paper’s classifieds. You might discover a “model” on an online job board. However, if you want the very best of the best, go with a reputable model agency.

Why a Model Agency?

A model agency that is the paragon of excellence has numerous advantages over the alternatives. Firstly, model agencies have an extensive rolodex of talent, so you are sure to get the models that match your needs most closely. Secondly, high-performing model agencies have a wealth of experience when it comes to promotions; this experience is often passed on to you, thus ensuring that you are making use of your financial resources in the best possible way.

How Do You Contact the Model Agency?

Simply send an email or telephone the agency. In the email or telephone call, briefly explain the scope of your project, what you are looking for, and what your expectations are. From there, the model agency will move forward with you – meeting with you and digging for more comprehensive information on your project.

How Much Do Model Agencies Charge?

There is no hard figure, of course. However, do know this: the price varies depending on your project, the number of Toronto models you are hiring, and how much of the requisite equipment you already have. As an overall estimate, models tend to charge anywhere between $30 and $250 per hour - all depending on what is required of the talent. The agency fee is added on top of that, which is usually a percentage of the model’s hourly rate. In addition, travel time is also logged and you will almost certainly be billed for this if you are some ways out of Toronto.

Did you find this brief guide useful? Do you have any other questions about hiring models in Toronto? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’d love to help you out!