How to Plan Your Montreal End-of-Summer Premium Event Staffing

You want this year’s end-of-the-summer event to be better than anything you’ve ever done. The key is to pay close attention to a few core factors and think about what’s needed in the way of resources and personnel. By considering these elements carefully, you’ll make the right decisions about the premium event staffing needed and be prepared to take proper care of your guests.

The Nature or Theme of the Event

What sort of event do you plan on holding? This is important since some types of events will require more personnel to manage things like greeting guests, initiating conversations, providing some of the entertainment, and a number of other services. Think about events you’ve attended in the past that are similar. How did the staff make the event more meaningful for you? By identifying what they did and how they did it, you will have a better idea of how to staff your event.

The Setting for Your Event

Perhaps you haven’t considered how the location for your event will impact your needs for event staffing. In fact, there’s a difference between holding an event at an indoor venue versus planning all the activities outside.

The nice thing about an event inside is that you effectively control the number of entry and exit points for your presentation, workshop, party, or whatever type of event you plan on holding. It’s easier to monitor who comes and goes. That’s especially important if you are hosting an event that requires registration in order to enter.

Outdoor events will likely mean needing a few more staff members who can circulate among the crowd and make sure everyone present is authorized to be there. For example, a few staff who can wander through the group and make sure everyone is wearing the name tags issued as they entered the event space will tighten your security. In the event someone is present without having registered properly, it will be easy enough to discreetly have the person escorted to a registration table and resolve the matter.

Taking Care of the Decorations

Whatever type of event you have in mind for your summer extravaganza, there will be the need to arrange for some decorating. It’s not unusual for event staff to aid in making sure all the decorations are in place. From placing centerpieces on the tables to running streamers across the room to create a festive atmosphere, a portion of your staff can be devoted to ensuring everything is in place before the first guest arrives.

Keep in mind that something has to be done with the decorations once the event is over. Who will take on the task of removing the balloon, streamers, centerpieces, and anything else you’ve used to create the right mood for your event? Making sure there is a team assigned to take down and cart away those decorations is just as important as having someone to put them up in the first place.

The Number of Guests

How many people do you believe will be present for the event? Take that figure and add another ten percent. This one trick will ensure you don’t find yourself without enough staff to accommodate all of your guests. Remember that event staffing services in Montreal provide professionals who can help with everything from greeting to helping with the unveiling of a new product. By hiring a few more staff members than you believe will be needed, it will be easier to make sure nothing is overlooked.

A bonus of projecting the number of attendees is that you will find it easier to determine how many chairs are needed to accommodate your guests, have a more functional arrangement for the space in general, and be in a better position to determine what you need in the way of refreshments or food for your event. When your summer event does include food, the last thing you need is for the supply to be exhausted before it’s time for everyone to leave.

How Long Will the Event Last?

If the event is going to last for most of the day and into the evening, you may want to talk with professionals at event staffing companies about scheduling promotional models and other staff in shifts. One advantage of this approach is that your guests get to see staff members who always look fresh, rested, and ready to help them with whatever they need. Event staff that seems to be tireless will go a long way toward keeping the guests engaged and interested in what is going on.

Special Needs That Must Be Addressed

A huge event can call for all sorts of support. You may need several people who can circulate and help guests find their seats. If people need to sign in as they enter the venue, staff who can handle the registration and make sure hats and coats are checked is essential. Staff who have experience as emcees will make it all the easier to get the attention of the crowd, introduce speakers, and in general pave the way for you to conduct demonstrations or unveil a new product.

Along with helping guests get settled in general, there may be some attendees who need special consideration. Any guests with limited mobility may or may not require some assistance in getting to their seats, moving about the space set aside for the event, or require some type of aid in preparing a plate from the buffet. As best as you can, attempt to anticipate these special needs and have a portion of your event staff designated to offer help to those who may have difficulty getting around.

As you plan your event, take the time to note every activity that requires one or more event staff to be on hand. Remember to have a contingency plan in place so you can secure additional staff if the need arises. With careful planning, you will have plenty of people to take care of the attendees, deal with any minor issues that arise, and in general make sure everyone has a great time.