How to Sell More Stuff with Brand Ambassadors

There are a lot of marketing tools out there.

Some of them are sucky. They don’t work at all.

Others are powerful mechanisms that can drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and increase brand recognition.

Brand ambassadors fit that latter description quite aptly.

By leveraging brand ambassadors for your brand and business, you will likely notice a lift in sales and an upwards curve in customer loyalty and customer retention.

Why is this the case? To answer this question, let’s first quickly look over what a “brand ambassador” really is.

A brand ambassador is basically marketingspeak for someone – a celebrity, a customer, or a promotional model – who represents your brand and often speaks for it. It’s really as simple as that.

Now then, as to the all-important question of why brand ambassadors can help you sell more stuff. After all, selling more stuff is something you’d like for your business, right?

If you answered “Yes” to that question (and who wouldn’t?), then consider the following.

1. Brand ambassadors give your company a more personal touch. Nobody likes a company that has an impersonal aura about it. It turns most of us off, to be honest – no matter how “professional” you might think your company is being (what company’s view as “professional” is often actually viewed as just being cold and impersonal). But with lovely brand ambassadors charmingly speaking for your brand – on social media, in TV ads, and at events – your brand will resonate with much more people. People will actually like your company – they’ll want to be a part of this awesome thing you’re doing.

2. Brand ambassadors can generate more leads through social media. Find brand ambassadors who have active social media accounts (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube). As representatives for your brand, they will speak on topics relevant to your target market – and mention your business. Their followers will pay attention and check out your products or services. That means more and more leads for you. And you’ll get more than just an increased number of leads – your website will also get more traffic, and this will bump your organic SEO nicely (so your website will rise higher in Google search page results).

3. Brand ambassadors set you apart. While many companies – including some of your rivals, no doubt – rely on their “professional salespeople” to build awareness, brand ambassadors offer your business the perfect opportunity to stand apart from the crowd. This is because brand ambassadors – in the form of promotional models, for example, who have been acquainted with your products and services – are easily more noticeable than traditional salespeople and customer service reps. And, of course, having that signature of difference and uniqueness is crucial to winning the business game.

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