How to Staff and Promote an Event in Toronto – The Right Way

Toronto is a sprawling city bustling with activity. Both national and multinational companies have chosen to host events here. Businesses within Toronto, too, have made it a point to create promotional events in this city. And this, in turn, has led many business people to ask themselves the following question:

“How do I most effectively staff and promote an event in Toronto?”

A question worthy of consideration, to be sure.

Event staffing in Toronto can be complicated for some business people, especially if the event is fairly large and has many requirements.

So if you are a marketer, a distributor, or a product manufacturer – this is for you. Here you will discover the best way to staff (and promote) a Toronto event.

Step 1. Hire an event staffing agency or an event coordinator. Hiring an event staffing agency means you don’t have to be in charge of finding the staff for your event. In fact, you can just relax when it comes to that because any good event staffing agency will do an admirable job of picking the right staff members. It is, after all, the job of an event staffing agency to choose staff for your event that are actually a good match. An event that’s advertising a hair growth product, for example, probably won’t go so well if some of the staff members are bald. This is just one example of the many considerations an event staffing agency will do for you when picking the staff.

Step 2. Make sure the staffing agency is a very good one. This might seem obvious, but hiring the wrong event staffing agency can be disastrous. How do you know if the agency you are thinking of hiring is going to do a job well done? Look at their online reviews, ratings, and testimonials. Ask people you know about their experience with the staffing agency.

Step 3. Do You Have Promotional Material Ready? Most events are going to be well-outfitted with promotional material: coupons, advertisement displays, food samples, products, and other regalia. Your event should be no different, so when working with the Toronto event staffing agency, be sure to let them know that you have necessary promotional material for the staff.

Step 4. Inform the Event Staffing Agency What the Staff Needs to Bring. This is just another way of saying, “Communicate with the staffing agency!” Inform them of your expectations. Let them know that the staff might need to bring certain items. Fill the agency in on as many details about the event as possible.

Staffing and promoting a Toronto event can be a walk in the park with the right staffing agency. Just follow these tips and hints and you’ll be well on your way towards a very exciting event. For more information contact us at, 647 456 2644.