How to Use Promotional Models in Your Print Advertising

Print advertising: it’s responsible for millions and millions of dollars in revenue for large, national brands. Print advertising is also widespread among small businesses and more local companies, even with the advent of the Digital Age. When used skillfully, it can turn a business from a money-losing black hole into a profit-generating machine. And that is where Toronto promotional models come in – for those of you in Toronto, Canada. Promotional models can be used to great effect in print advertising. They can double and even triple the return on investment for an ad you are running. Using models in print advertising could prove to be one of the “secret ingredients” to your advertising success. But exactly how, then, do you make use of Toronto promotional models in your print advertising? Femme Fatale Media breaks it down for you here.

Promotional Models for Newspaper Advertising. Images of Toronto promotional models can be strategically placed in newspaper ads to (1) capture attention, and (2) create a positive, personable association with your brand, product, or service. There are a couple of points worth stressing as it relates to promotional models in newspaper ads. Firstly, placing the image of a promotional model in a newspaper ad will be more effective the larger the ad is. Thus, if you are running a half-page or full-page spread, it may very well be to your monetary advantage to use Toronto promotional models. Secondly, if you are running a full-page ad, consider positioning two different images of the promotional models on the ad. Here’s why. Fact: all newspapers, in their original, folded form are folded in half. So if you place two different images of a model (or models) on each half of the full-page spread, you will maximize the chances of someone catching a glimpse of the complete image of the model – even if that particular newspaper section is folded in half. This is better than the reader only seeing a partial image of the model(s).

In Direct Mail Advertising. You can absolutely increase the response rate of your direct mail advertising by the skillful use of promotional models. Try this: get a picture of a gorgeous model alongside your product. Print out that picture in on a fine, glossy medium – it should be a nice little square that you can attach to the front of a sales letter (using something as mundane as a paperclip). This will act as a nice “grabber” – the stunning model and the quality of the image will grab the reader’s attention, urging the reader to continue reading. Give it a try – test it out.

In Flyers and Brochures. Promotional models are fantastic “response rate boosters,” as well as “attention grabbers.” So make use of Toronto promotional models in your flyers and brochures. In flyers, they help lure the reader’s eyes to your message. In brochures, consistently using models in images on page after page will sustain the reader’s interest – giving the brochure more opportunities to deliver an effective call-to-action.

There is little question about it: promotional models are excellent profit boosters for print advertising. And, quite nicely, they often have a very good return on investment. Which is another way of saying this: if you have been hunting for ideas to bump the success of your advertising, give promotional models a try.