How Toronto Event Staff Turn Event Marketing into a Branding Strategy

In any proficient marketer’s toolbox, one will find tactical tools and strategic tools – all put to use to achieve a firm’s big-picture objectives. For example, a local Toronto company might use Facebook ads, among other tactics, as part of its broader digital strategy. Or – turning now to the field of event marketing – a company may choose to host events as either tactical or strategic assets.

We are thoroughly of the opinion that event marketing, having proven itself repeatedly over the past two decades (and beyond), should wear the crown of marketing strategy – and not be relegated solely to the role of tactic. (This has always been the event marketing philosophy of Femme Fatale Media.) From scholarly studies to the proving grounds of commercial reality, event marketing has demonstrated its greatest power when it is conceptualized and executed as a major strategic asset.

But for local event marketing in Toronto to become a strategically potent ingredient in the brew of branding success, it is critical that your event is staffed by personnel who are well-versed in achieving the strategic objectives of event-based marketing.

What are these strategic objectives?

According to a study by Philip Crowther, event marketing’s strategic objectives are as follows:

  • Sales. Events are remarkably powerful drivers of sales – particularly when the event staff can coherently – and consistently – convey a sales message to the audience.

  • Brand. “Effective brand communication is best achieved through careful design of how the experience will embody brand personality and values,” writes Crowther, speaking of the ability of an event to reinforce a positive brand image. Event staff who exude the personality, values, and attitudes of the brand play a key role in cementing the desired brand image in the minds of attendees.

  • Relationships. Relationship marketing has splashed upon the branding scene with all the force of a tidal wave; an emphasis on nurturing relationships with consumers is becoming increasingly prevalent among firms. Events are an excellent medium for forging strong relationships with prospects and customers alike. Since relationships are ultimately about people – not product descriptions or adorning a stage with the latest advertising tech – your event staff are a fundamental building block for creating mutually beneficial relationships with your consumers.

  • Market and customer intelligence. Events allow organisations to collect actionable data on customers and the market as whole. This can be effectively accomplished through event staff – who, for instance, can encourage event attendees to complete post-event questionnaires. Such questionnaires provide insights into consumer demographics, motivations, understanding of the brand’s sales message, and more.

Because event staff – properly trained and managed – help ensure an event is a strategic marketing asset (instead of just a tactical one), smart firms understand that hiring skilled staff is an investment, not a cost,

But this is not the whole story of how event staff can add tangible value to your event – and beyond. If you want to know more – how Femme Fatale Media’s talent roster elevates your events in The Six – just contact our team now.