If Looks Could Kill

Being in the promotional and modelling industry for a fairly lengthy time now i've come across a lot of negative condentations towards it. People look down on it. Fashion models are called "too skinny" and "disgusting" while glamour and promotional models are automatically deemed "promiscuous" and "stupid". "Anyone can put on lingerie and walk down a runway" or "She just stands there and looks pretty?"

There are often many fights in our models personal relationships over events they work or modelling shoots being too revealing, judgement passed down from family members and the constant glares from females at events. It's assumed these models are conceded and spoiled when for the most part it's quite the contrary. The majority of these girls have very poor self esteem, much more so than a regular woman. These girls are constantly put through the ringer. The amount of stress these girls deal with is astounding, all while most of them working professional careers or completing a university major. When you're being hired for a lot of your jobs based mainly on your looks wouldn't you be self conscious? When a client rejects them for an event or shoot it starts to weigh on the girls. I constantly get the messages "why wasn't I chosen?" "Am I too big?" "Too old?"

I know what you're all probably saying, a sarcastic "oh, poor her." Well actually yes, poor her. These girls work hard, I'd say roughly 80% of the models on our roster are in university, 50% of them are trained in some sort of sales background and all of them are just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. For the promotional aspect they're hired on a lot more than just the looks and often gone through some extensive training with us. They're trying to make there way just like everyone else, just looking exceptionally more beautiful while doing so. They have hopes, dreams and feelings. I don't speak for every model but for our roster these are classy, hard working women pursuing their passions. So the next time you see a model on the cover of Maxim, walking the runway or working a promotion, don't hate her because she's beautiful.

Emily Lyons
Femme Fatale Media & Promotions
Promotional Event Staffing & Model Management